Octagon Secure – Team Members

 Yair Oanunu | Expert on National Security, CEO and Founder

An expert on security, entrepreneur, and strategic advisor on business and security, developer of security renewal processes and organizational security processes. Held training and control management and security positions in the Ministry of Public Security, the IDF, and the Prime Minister’ Office in the Israeli security establishment. In recent years, Yair has developed unique security and protection solutions, data protection and physical cyber security solutions, preemptive organizational conduct and social engineering.

Miky Weinberg | Security Specialist and National Security Strategist

An expert on security and on developing organizational security policies, an economist, and an alumni of the Israel Secret Service (retired as a lieutenant colonel), with over 25 years of experience in security and tactical intelligence; Mr. Mickey was the leader in a unique secret area of coping with the opponent’s ability to realize strategic attack events at the government level. In recent years, he spearheaded revolutionary strategic processes in government entities and corporations.

Also – in recent years, Mr. Miky acted as a security commentator on mass media networks in Israel, and he developed and writes the professional blog “Security Blog” [in Hebrew: “אבטחה צריך לקיים“]

Yair Tal | Project Manager and Security Engineering Consultant

Yair has many years of experience in data protection and physical cyber security in strategic facilities at the state level, and many years of experience in managing projects in commercial companies and strategic facilities. He is uniquely qualified in the area of protecting strategic facilities and infrastructure on land and in the sea. He has many years of experience in professional training, including writing and establishing professional procedures, top-level oversight, control and auditing, and training and assimilation management.

Uri Ross | Expert on Data Protection, Infrastructure Protection, and Physical Cyber Security

An expert on data protection, critical infrastructure protection and cyber security, and providing social engineering solutions, a former lieutenant colonel in the Secret Service and the Ministry of National Security; in the areas of data protection and cyber security, Uri held executive positions and positions of regulation oversight for government-led entities in the area of cyber security. In recent years, he led projects in the defense system, commercial corporations, industry and plants, and financial companies with strategic information assets.

Yehuda Hirscherg | Intelligence and National Security Project Manager

From designing and leading large-scale, complex systemic and organizational project, Yehuda is an organizational strategist and an intelligence professional – formerly served in the IDF Intelligence and Research Compartment as a lieutenant colonel. In recent years, Mr. Yehuda led large-scale government and commercial projects that require multidisciplinary knowledge, creativity, and an innovative vision, and an understanding of budget management and supervised procurement, operation of vendors and contractors, and a long-term vision, and very high planning and performance capacities.

Shabi Naveh | Physical Security Project Manager

An organizational consultant on security, retired from the Israel Secret Service as a lieutenant colonel, a security officer who was an envoy for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israeli embassies worldwide, has over 25 years of experience in executive positions in the areas of security, data protection for national level strategic facilities, training, and control. Lead security projects in regulatory government entities; an expert in all areas of security.

Amir Asulin | Physical Security Planning Consultant

A certified security manager, formerly a member of the national security establishment, with 15 years of experience in commanding and management positions, his positions include Head of the Emergency Compartment, Data Protection and and Cyber Security in government ministries and in the State of Israel public system, formerly a member of the governemnt VIP security and aviation security system, security director of open-air crowded events, from physical and technological security designe to engineering projects

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