Octagon Secure – Strategic Security Solutions – Octagon Secure Strategic Security Solutions provides consulting services on security organizational policy, vision, and strategy, to government and public bodies, corporations, and commercial companies. The company has a proven track record in managing and leading security and strategic projects in the areas of security engineering, government regulation on security, preemptive intelligence and secret audits (Red Team) for assessing human and technological vulnerabilities to social engineering, developing models of awareness of preemptive organizational conduct and security control of the employees. professional training sessions in areas of physical security, data protection and physical cyber security, functioning during emergencies and conduct when technological assault scenarios come true. Security management in crowded events and national sports events. 

The operational consulting helps chamber staff members, VIP chauffeurs, and the staff of advisors to ministers and organizational leaders, 

Company personnel – project managers, advisors, and planners, professionals and expert strategic advisors, alumni of the security system and the State of Israel intelligence community (the Israel Security Agency, the Prime Minister’s Office, the military, and the Ministry of Defense), commanders and managers with a wealth of experience and very high awareness of the importance of good service. Company personnel are experienced, among other things, in leading government projects in the areas of security engineering, national and government security operations at the level of presidents and heads of state in Israel and worldwide, emphasizing practical solutions, high quality operation of contractors and outside vendors, operational sophistication, innovation and forward-thinking, flexibility, and groundbreaking creativity. 

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