Security and response training

VIP Security and Security for Government Unit Delegations Course:
Including all professional and designated areas in national VIP security units, up to the operational unit level, the training includes


Close security | security coordination | planning security operations | briefing and activating auxiliary forces | security in riding traffic and axis design | operational driving and tactical maneuvering in security convoys | functioning during emergencies in riding traffic | security arrangements in routine time | locating suspects | security questioning and checking | locating security sabotage incidents | tactical intelligence to misdirect and mislead the opponent | data protection and cyber security in mobile missions | dress code, apparel, and identification | commanding tasks | the VIP protection commanding model, drill and security guard audit design | logistics and operational assistance for security missions | commanding during emergencies and security crises | training on operational driving for security personnel | training VIP drivers in high trust positions – operational driving, emergency driving, discovering unusual things in traffic and around the car, self-defense and functioning during unusual and emergency scenarios.

Study Days for Personnel, Advisors, and Politicians and Members of Governments’ Chamber Staff Members:

On preventative behavior and discovery of unusual things in one’s personal surroundings, on coordinating activity with a view to security, discretion and compartmentalization rules, data protection in the workplace, fraud detection and prevention, and communicative debriefing in the workplace. Detecting and handling inhibiting factors and unpleasant scenarios, the logistics and requirements presented by the VIP’s limits and needs, managing the event flow/actual visit and preventing errors and scenarios that might harm the VIP’s reputation in destinations in Israel and overseas.

Training and Briefing on Preventative Behavior if There Is an Intelligence Suspicion of Hostile Surveillance and Observations or Counterespionage.

Focused Professional Courses on the Following Security Specialties:

Locating and identifying unusual cases and suspicious cases | security questioning and security checks | screening machines and sabotage and weapon detection machine operators | seeing the attacker at becoming familiar with the opponent’s world | medical care during security events | preventative treatment of violent incidents in the security area | covert security among concentrated audiences | active security management

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Training for Managers and Seniors in Organizations and Entities on the Subject of Social Engineering in Interorganizational Data Protection: Preventative organizational behavior tools and models, data protection failures and interorganizational leaks, recruitment threats and employee operation to deceive the organization or steal and sabotage the organization’s information systems, physical cyber security and the importance of handling social engineering, models for exposing unusual employee organizations and sensitive officeholders that might cause significant harm to the organization’s ability to function and threaten its future business continuity.

Fascinating Lectures and Reviews on Security:

Civilian society’s ability to defend against terrorism – mapping out threats and risk targets in civilian environments, systematic organization for the communal terrorism prevention, personal conduct in nearby terrorism attack scenarios, personal safety and advance preparation to minimize an attacker’s chances to cause harm – practical methods for self-defense against terrorism.

  • Business companies and commercial organizations in high terrorism and high crime areas – prevention and counterintelligence models and advance preparation for commercial organizations in areas with a high potential for terrorism attacks or dangerous criminal attacks and methods of coping to thwart attacks at the organization level, until security forces arrive.
  • The State of Israel in the midst of terrorism – a lecture that surveys and analyzes the map of threats and Israel’s security situation, and the newest and most dangerous threats that are already available to terrorist organizations and the methods for coping with them.
  • Worldwide terrorism from a Western perspective – a fascinating professional overview on how worldwide terrorist organizations developed and how they infiltrated the fabric of life and power centers in the global map.
  • System of defense against terrorist organizations – the internal defense, intelligence, and counterintellience policies regarding terrorist organizations, and methods of handling individual terrorists within civilian populations.

Unique training:

for tactical teams to intervene and take over centers of violence in sporting events and stadiums

  1. Audience members’ behavior during sports events, audience pressures and security influences in spectator balconies.
  2. Balcony deployment and preventative psychology, the factors that influence the level of violence in competitive games.
  3. Clothing and personal protection principles for working in a crowded audience, tactical gear for working in a crowd,
  4. Safety and risk in working in a crowded audience.
  5. Creating a work plan for interfering with the audience, the composition of the interference and containment force.
  6. Plan for detecting suspects of violent behavior inside a crowded audience.
  7. Operational cooperation between the interference team and the conductor crew. The  
    tactic of infiltrating an excitable audience quickly and quietly. Surgical care and extracting individual/violence instigators out of the audience. Techniques for taking over and arresting rioters without violence (using moderate, effective force). Quick rescue out of an excited audience, and using special means to prevent violence among crowds. Armed warfare in terrorism incidents inside a crowd and extreme cases

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