Security and protection engineering

The company’s security engineering consultants and designers are experienced in managing national projects for the State of Israel, emphasizing general security, protection, data protection and cyber security, critical infrastructures protection, and government and commercial entities’ essential assets protection.

Security and Protection Engineering as Part of the Project Design Phases:

  • Holding meetings with training entities and regulatory entities, to adjust expectations
    and meet the training requirements.
  • Carrying out security risks surveys, characterizing and rating the threats, and determining the components of the physical and technological security solution.
  • Forming a master plan and the central tenets of the security concept and the protection
  • Characterizing and defining the operational need for physical and electronic protection,
    security systems, low voltage and structure control, audience channeling.
  • Designing and supporting the engineering stages in supportive construction and infrastructures for security systems and the means of protection.
  • Writing a plan for the security systems and the technical and electronic means of protection, according to the police’s/instructing entity’s requirements.
  • Security plans for data protection and cybersecurity, critical infrastructures and
    classified areas, including physical and electronic defense and fortification.
  • An operational security control and command center – telecommunication and
    multimedia, communications and wireless, public announcement, control and command of security systems.
  • Preparing procurement and installation plans and specficiations, systems and
    infrastructures, estimates and bills of quantity, providing assistance in selecting installation contractors.
  • Top-level oversight and control of the performance’s compliance according to the
    design and the requirements, preparing the materials, providing support in meetings with instructing entities.
  • Close, focused oversight of your project’s security, to supervise the quality of system  installation, according to the approved security plan.
  • Writing physical protection procedures, specifying the security standard, writing the
    field file, center procedure, and physical security procedures in the work environment.
  • Checking that the systems and means of protection and integration are functioning
    properly, compared with the physical protection system’s needs. Performing the delivery stage checks.
  • Drafting the requirements letter to the security company and characterizing the unique
    properties needed for the security guard’s character according to the designation of its role in the facility.
  • Writing the security officer’s work plan for the process of assimilating the security plan in the establishment period.

Projects and Megaprojects in Which We Provided Consulting, Planning, and Security Oversight Services:

  • Security oversight in a national security barrier project; the barrier is over 150 km
  • Marine security consulting – national infrastructures in the State of Israel’s strategic
  • Planning the security in Haifa’s main transportation complex, in the north of Israel.
  • The aerial tramway (aerial mass transit) construction project in Lev HaMifratz, Israel.
  • The light rail construction works project in Gush Dan, in the center of Israel
  • Designing security for businessman Rami Levi’s shopping malls and commercial
  • Creating a security concept and analyzing threats to Bank Hapoalim facilities in
  • Designing the facility security for ministries and defense facilities in Israel.
  • A medicinal cannabis plant – physical protection and supply chain protection.
  • Setting up and managing the security system for State of Israel Jewish Olympics and
    sporting events.
  • IDF camps and bases protection – security consulting and physical and electronic

Our Security and Protection Documents:

  • A security survey and analysis of threats to organizations and facilities.
  • Forming and driving the security concept for organizations and companies.
  • A security plan for low voltage systems and means of security.
  • A protection plan and means of security and physical fortification.
  • The data protection and physical cyber security plan and critical infrastructure
    protection plan.
  • A physical security plan for public/government facilities.
  • A site file for describing fire extinguishing, security, and emergency means.
  • An organizational emergency plan – continuous functionality during emergencies.
  • Organizational security procedures and preemptive conduct in the workplace.
  • Operational commands and a security plan for crowded events.
  • An operation file for the security, control and command center.
  • A digital operations log to be used by center operators.
  • An annual work plan for the security manager/security officer.
  • An operational fitness plan for the security system manager.

Adherence to schedule

Proven cooperation with all the guidance factors

Highest standard

Monitoring and effective management

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