Portable Technological Solutions

The company develops unique systems and offers a variety of mobile and wireless means of control for sale and for rent – portable security solution kits for quick temporary deployment in perimeters and in events. Our systems are easy to carry, easy to deploy in the field through a simple, strong, and stable installation process, and can be activated with no need for binding and complex installation. Features stable communication with the operator’s post, a simple and easy-to-use interface; it is possible to make unique improvements and developments according to the technical specification and the operational specification, and adjust the solution to the end user’s needs.

All, in one portable, perfectly ergonomic designed and operation-oriented suitcase that is tailored to the customer’s needs.

Our Selection of Portable Products for Sale and for Rent

The “Blue Falcon” observation package

an observation kit with a portable, powerful PTZ camera (daytime+thermal), independent communication and energy, memory storage, local and reserve transmission. Features high quality observation of open areas or event perimeters capabilities, effective for an up to 400 meters observation range in the daytime, and 150 meters at night, in darkness conditions.

The “Protective Package” cameras package

a kit of portable cameras with a local transmission and a reverse transmission screen, with independent communication and energy, that can be deployed quickly for detection and location in secure tasks and sites in which permanent cameras cannot be installed.

The “Ziko” area closing system

a portable technological stakeout package; a kit of portable technologies, featuring unique sensors for quick deployment in medium field conditions, with the ability to include defined object identification and detection components.

“Barak” communications and wireless kits

communication kits, complete with end units and control and command room kits, for security missions, operational units, and logistics teams.

The “Mega-Or” operational lighting package

an inflatable, decorative lighting sleeve, in a portable package, for surround field “light mushroom”-type 360-degrees lighting with a 50 meters radius from the lighting center (a 100 meters light line).

PTZ רכב ושטח אוקטגון

Relevant Uses

Technological security arenas with reverse transmission, VIP and senior delegation security operations, emphasizing hotels, car and parking surveillance, etc.

Crowded events and spectator sports – supervision of sensitive arenas, production, stage and sound, counting and identifying crowd pressures, perimeter surveillance.

Temporary sites – deployment in construction sites, observation student for security at the site, nighttime supervision of valuable tools and engineering equipment.

Portable and easy to carry suitcase

Contains 8 interface products

Fast wireless tactical deployment

Customized to customer needs

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