Manage VIP security events

Security tourism – the company’s team of special operational agents will produce a fascinating professional event for you, that features educational tours, visits and sessions on security, lectures and professional reviews, and fascinating demonstrations on security and antiterrorism.

Octagon Security operation producers are alumni of the government VIP protection unit, and State of Israel intelligence entities and Secret Service (lieutenant colonels), with experience accumulated in Israel and overseas, who commanded overt and covert security operations worldwide for prime ministers, presidents, and seniors in the Israeli government public system and security establishment.

Our experience includes senior executive delegations, VIPs, members of government and diplomats, sports teams, actors and celebrities, entourages and their support staff, and technical teams and management personnel staying in Israel and in foreign countries overseas.

Production of VIP Delegation Protection Operations:

Once we accept the task, we, as necessary and according to the agreement with the customer, coordinate and plan all visit targets, dispatch a VIP protection team to the customer, a preliminary team that handles the visit’s security arrangements, security support vehicles and transit using luxury vehicles and minibuses and non-military armored vehicle, with top-level amenities.


Logistic-operational assistance: documenting and providing video and still footage of the entire visit, including preparing a film/clip according to the customer’s requirements. Handling concierge and lounge and VIP passage services in airports in Israel and worldwide, provider a security guard-driver.

Designing and coordinating event security: Building, mapping, and modeling the event sites, determining the common ground, developing field accessories and orientation out of a security perspective.

Holding meetings with influencers and responsible entities: planning and organizing the event area, planning the crowd flow and the public order, establishing borders and means of security at the site of the event, designing the audience gathering and waiting areas, entrance scanners and people who lead audience members to the security check stations, design that circumvents the security check, traffic and parking, the pre-event and waiting areas, audience arrival and departure axes, evacuation axes in the event, audience lounging areas in the event area, the vendors area, the VIP area, state and production area, and the required technologies and means according to the license to hold the event, writing security planning documents, and managing security.

Providing technological security solutions: a front command and control center, advanced observation capabilities, telecommunication, communication, and wireless capabilities, public announcement systems, audience counting measures, carding and accreditation means, and means for controlling unusual incidents and overcrowding in all areas of the event.:

An operational control center and a VIP production control and command center: provides support for the entire event from start to finish, including online control and command. 

Covert Services for Organizations and Business Companies: An experienced national covert security team with experience  in producing high sensitivity national and business security operations, with an expertise in producing meetings and strategic business liaisons that require absolute confidentiality, while preventing persona non-grata from becoming aware of the process or of the event, including professional mediation and discrete coordination between the parties; coming up with unique ideas for appropriate locations, and the means of operation for each stage of the event. Coordinating, planning, and setting up the event at the rendezvous points, covert transit and travel, actually managing the event, and preventing it from becoming exposed as it takes place.

Business Guide/National Security Guide: An attached business security coordinator to the delegation, who speaks English or other languages, at the customer’s demand.

Top-quality Boutique Services Throughout the Entire Duration of the Delegation’s Stay – from the Moment It Lands to the Moment It Lifts Off: Producing creative attractions and cultural events, cocktail events and business meetings in unique places, chef-cooked meals and cultural delicacies, recreational events, creative attractions and extreme sports, leadership under pressure workshops, ordering tickets and reserving seats, catering in unique meals, and interesting culinary experiences. Making coordinations with historic tourism size, pilgrimage sites, and visits to holy locations.

Branding, creative, and cooperating: Our creative team presents a winning strategic combination of marketing and technology, and throughout your stay, we will provide marketing, branding, advertising, creative, copywriting, and strategy services, as well as content production to business communication and media channels services.

Producing Demonstrations of the Most Highly Fascinating Elite Security Units

‘Protector versus attacker’ – producing professional workshops to illustrate the organizational opponent’s capabilities: A workshop that will put you in your opponent’s shoes and give you a professional experience from the opponent’s perspective – he will be the attacker and we will be the protector, to give you a hands-on experience of the parties’ capabilities.

Warfare versus terrorism – producing demonstrations and elite units’ combat drills: In the area of terrorism and crime prevention and the special security units’ capabilities, you will see, with your own eyes, how combat teams and overt and covert security teams prevent terrorist attacks and criminal assaults.

Aimed at licensing and guidance requirements

Planning within budget limits

Representation and service consciousness

Protecting the customer interest

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