Cyber security and IT technologies

An organizational process for examining the current situation and putting together a comprehensive data protection against internal and external threats solution for the organization:

Carrying out a process of examining the current situation, at the organizational level, of physical data protection spheres, critical infrastructures, and the organization’s essential assets and social engineering. The process utilizes the company’s unique capability to reflect the current reality through the Red Team, that consists of physical data protection experts can and an attack intelligence crew that can simulate the level of vulnerability through the opponent’s actions, and illustrate how the threat references to the organization’s information assets can be realized.

After checking the situation, we analyze and process all data to form a focused, practical strategy to handle the threat references for the customer, based on the unique model the company designed, that provides the required tools for determining the information’s physical production level. Use of the model allows one to define three potential levels of security that can be presented to the customer, to help the customer determine the most suitable, relevant level for its organization.

Writing Methodologies and Security and Protection Plans, and Modeling the Organization’s Data Protection and Cyber Security

Following the process of examining and analyzing the organization’s threat references and the opponent’s abilities to realize them, we will write an organizational data protection and physical cyber security policy, preemptive behavior in the workplace, organizational intelligence to prevent business espionage, protection of essential infrastructures and assets, the architecture of data protection tools and technologies, data communication, operating systems, hardening processes for computer infrastructures and applications, physical and electronic protection and fortification, infiltration and hacking inhibitors, structure control and biometrics, hardware and software procurement control, setting up a human security system and a control and command of organization facilities center, supervising employee and key officer recruitment processes from a security perspective, ready-made emergency and business continuity/continuous functioning plans upon the realization of an attack or a disaster.

The security and protection plan will be based on layers of defense in different dimensions, specifically against the examined threats, upgrading or supplementing the defense components and designated means that will provide a long-term strategic physical protection of the organization’s information assets and essential infrastructures solution.

Supporting and Assimilating the Security Plan at the Company

Support and top-level oversight of the plan’s realization, and as necessary, close supervision of the entire planet assimilation process up to a full operational level, using the highest quality security professionals.

The project final delivery to the customer stage will follow a comprehensive examination of the means, and their integration with the plan and with security entities in the facility.

The layers of defense and spheres of protection we examine and review are:

  1. The organization’s threat references and the opponents’ ability to realize them.
  2. The organization’s human factor and the level to which potential social engineering methods are addressed.
  3. Physical protection means, structure control, and technological security systems.
  4. The organization’s security system, with regards to physical data protection.
  5. The level of data protection implementation and the network protection and computer applications’ relevance.

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